To the wonderful, imaginative, rollicking world of Mild Wild Media. I’m Burt Kempner, the founder.

Why did I start writing children’s books?

It was because I wasn’t seeing the books I had wanted to read as a kid. 

In my books, you won’t be a bit surprised to see an elephant bounce off a trampoline or a sleepy blue whale nearly be the cause of war. That’s just the way things are in a Mild Wild Media book. 

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What the readers say...

You can find some of the reviews below. Or just jump over to Amazon and Love Reading 4 Kids if you want to read more of them.

Burt Kempner’s story, about a gifted and empathic elephant named Maisha, is lovely and the illustrations by Cal Howard are captivating and realistic. “Maisha the Educated Elephant” is creative, educational, intelligent and sensitive. If I were still an elementary school teacher, I would read this book to introduce a unit on endangered species, and then include geography lessons around the world where elephants live, as well as bring in music, art and science. This book lends a heart that is magical, real and hopeful.

Maisha the Educated Elephant – October 21, 2019

The imaginative tales of The School of Animal Magic offer the perfect vehicle for discussing topics like recycling, responsible shopping, and writing letters to your Senators - with young children. These morality tales that address human responsibilities to the bio-diversity of the planet should be added to every child's collection of books, scattered about with the books of Narnia, The Five Hundred Acre Wood, Peter Rabbit's Lake District, and The Hidden Garden.

The Salmon Who Wanted to Run – October 11, 2019

This is a children's book, but I enjoyed reading the story as well. I'm writing this review for all 3 of the books at once as they all tie together. The book has some pictures, but is not each page a picture. It would work well for an early reader, but I think it would be best done as a parent reading to a child, using these books as a introduction to what is going on in the world today, prompting discussion, and by using a story told in a way that is easy for a child to relate to. At the back of books 2 & 3 are actions that children can take (with parental support) to be involved in helping these animals. What a great way to introduce kids to the idea that they can make a difference in this world!

Dolphins in Distress – October 27, 2019

“Some time ago I bought your book about Rosa and the Tigers. A dear friend, a lovely grandmother came to visit. Her grandson, Aiden was suddenly diagnosed with Leukemia, no warning. A year ago, he began chemo and Grandma Anne read to him the story of Rosa and her tigers. The cancer is now in remission and Aiden now has his own tigers...they're cousins to Rosa's.“

The Five Fierce Tigers of Rosa Martinez – Jun, 2020

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