Hi, I'm Burt Kempner.

I was born in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Philadelphia when I was four years old. I was not consulted in the matter. I knew from childhood that I wanted to be a writer. I love playing with words, coming up with new combinations and puzzles.

My first job was as a news reporter at a rock and roll radio station. I then learned television production and expanded into films. For 45 years I was a scriptwriter and sometimes producer. I specialized in documentary, environmental and non-profit programming, and my work appeared on PBS, Discovery, History, CNBC, European and Asian TV. I also co-wrote two produced feature films and four short films.

In 2014, I suddenly got the urge to write children’s books. I had composed quite a few for my son when he was small, and he delighted in them. My first published book was

  • Larry the Lazy Blue Whale, followed by
  • Monty the Movie Star Moose,
  • The Five Fierce Tigers of Rosa Martinez,
  • Maisha the Educated Elephant: A School of Animal Magic Adventure – Book 1,
  • Dolphins in Distress: A School of Animal Magic Adventure – Book 2,
  • The Salmon Who Wanted to Run: A School of Animal Adventure – Book 3, and
  • The Purple Wave: A School of Animal Adventure – Book 4.
  • One of Our Gorillas is Missing!: A School of Animal Adventure – Book 5.

To learn more about the books and how to order them, please visit the My Books page. Or read and listen to my interviews to discover more about me and my books.

You can also contact me directly if you have further questions.

Maisha the Educated Elephant is also featured in Love Reading 4 Kids

*A special Thank You to Cal Howard for the beautiful illustration of Maisha.

What people say about my books...

Monty the Moose has a vanity problem, one that many children will face at one time or another. His woodland friends see through it, but it takes a powerful life lesson for Monty to realize the error of his ways. It is that life lesson that forms the basis for this wonderful story, a story that teaches Monty (and the reader) the pitfalls of vanity and the rewards of humility. The subtle message is enhanced by a cleverly constructed plot that will captivate young readers with the exciting prospect of Hollywood fame and fortune, while leading them gently along Monty’s path to redemption, as friendship wins out over his quest for stardom.

Monty the Movie Star Moose – September 16, 2015

This beautiful "children's" book is not only entertaining and clever, it uses words in an intelligent and creative way. "Lazy" becomes synonymous with "being in one's bliss." I couldn't help but be reminded of Munro Leaf's classic, "...Ferdinand"... In both of these stories - "...Ferdinand" AND "Larry...", we learn how to relax into who we are as living creatures embracing every moment of this precious life. This is not a message to be taken lightly; although I daresay every reader - old and young - will enjoy this lovely, lighthearted work. So many kudos to Burt Kempner, wise sage author: I can't wait for the rest of the stories to arrive for public edification!

Larry the Lazy Blue Whale – June 20, 2015

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