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One of Our Gorillas is Missing!

A School of Animal Magic Adventure – Book 5

Professor Artemus Quinn, a silverback gorilla who’s the headmaster of the School of Animal Magic (SAM), has taken a leave of absence to search for his missing young nephew Kembi. When Professor Quinn himself vanishes, SAM’s boldest action team — Maisha the elephant, Jonas the cattle egret, and Maliki the white lion — sets off to discover who’s behind these mysterious disappearances. Will they make it in time to save their friends?

The Purple Wave

A School of Animal Magic Adventure – Book 4

With his mysterious ability to work magic on Earth, Maliki the star-born white lion, is an invaluable member of the School of Animal Magic action team. When he learns that his home planet is in great peril, he secretly teleports his fellow team members – Maisha the elephant and Jonas the cattle egret – there and tells them about a fearsome Purple Wave that could destroy his world’s civilization. The problem is that Maliki possesses no magical powers on his own planet – but Maisha and Jonas do! Will they master their new skills in time to defeat the Purple Wave and spare the planet’s inhabitants from total disaster? This is the wildest mission the School of Animal Magic team has ever undertaken.

The Salmon Who Wanted to Run

A School of Animal Magic Adventure – Book 3

It’s one of Nature’s most inspiring sights: Each year thousands and thousands of salmon make an incredible journey from the ocean to the rivers where they were born to spawn. It’s called a run, but why are so many of the fish dropping out of the race? What’s holding them back? The School of Animal Magic action team – Maisha the elephant, Jonas the cattle egret and Maliki, a white lion from the stars – is sent out to investigate. Will they arrive on time to save the salmon?

Dolphins in Distress

A School of Animal Magic Adventure – Book 2

Why are dolphins and whales beaching themselves around the world? The School of Animal Magic action team — Maisha the elephant, Jonas the cattle egret and Maliki, a white lion from the stars — is sent out to find answers and nothing, not even a sea monster or the man with the world’s largest ears, will get in their way. A rollicking adventure that also addresses a little-known danger to marine mammals.

Maisha the Educated Elephant

A School of Animal Magic Adventure – Book 1

Young Maisha is the pride of her elephant herd. They sent her off to study about the outside world at the prestigious School of Animal Magic. She returns bearing an urgent warning. If only she can remember what it is! As she struggles to recall what she learned time may be running out for the herd — and all elephants. Maisha the Educated Elephant combines a charming story with a compelling message about animal survival.

The Five Fierce Tigers of Rosa Martinez

Rosa Martinez is seriously ill. She has the loving support of her mother and grandfather and a doctor who takes good care of her. But she also has a secret weapon. Rosa can summon five tigers to come to her aid when she’s ailing or in big trouble. Her disease may think it has the upper hand for now, but wait until it encounters Gautama, Arik, Vashti, Selena and Quan–the five fierce tigers of Rosa Martinez. Young readers will delight in their daring adventures and who knows: they may even be able to call forth guardian animals of their own when they need them.

Monty the Movie Star Moose

The Great North Woods is home to many special animals, but the King of Special is Monty the Moose himself … at least according to Monty! After all, he does sport a most magnificent golden whisker on his chin. Surely he is movie star material and worthy of special treatment! However, the “Woods” are modest and simple, and those who live there let what matters matter. Not so for Monty! He travels over the rivers and through the woods to Hollywood to seek his well-deserved fame and fortune. Find it he does . . . but it’s not what he expected at all

Larry the Lazy Blue Whale

Not all whales are created equal. Some are lazy. And then there’s Larry, the laziest blue whale who ever lived. Unfortunately, he forgot to hang his “Do Not Disturb” sign before he started his nap, and whale dreams are sometimes meant to be interrupted. He may be enjoying his dream state for now, but the ocean is a big open house for unannounced visitors. You never know who you will bump into!

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